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monarch bay plaza

Existing conditions

Site Characteristics

  • 5 parcels

  • 20.8 total acres

  • All parcels under common ownership

  • Topographically dynamic, stepping down from Crown Valley Parkway toward PCH

Current Access/Parking

  • Direct vehicular access from both PCH and Crown Valley Parkway

  • No public or off-street parking options in the surrounding area

Existing Land Uses

  • A mix of commercial/retail uses, including a Gelson’s, CVS, other stores and restaurants, offices, and a Montessori School.
    Total building space ~183,000 square feet, which is a floor area ratio (FAR) of 0.20

Surrounding Land Uses

  • A mix of low and medium density single-family attached and detached housing 0.2 mile from the coast and just northwest of the Waldorf Astoria Monarch Beach

Topographical Features

  • This large, 21-acre area generally sits well below adjacent uses along and around Crown Valley Parkway to the north.  

  • The descending slope continues in a southeastern direction, with cars traveling along PCH looking up to the property’s landscaped embankments.

  • As shown in the images here, elevations range from approximately  215 feet along the northern property boundary to approximately 140 feet along the southern property boundary.

Current Allowed Uses & Density/Intensity Limits

  • General Plan and Zoning category is Community Commercial/Vehicle

  • Allowable uses include retail, service, hospitality, office, and entertainment businesses. 

  • Maximum standard intensity is an FAR of 0.50 and 35 feet

  • The FAR can be increased to 1.75 IF a proposed development can demonstrate that it is of exceptional design quality, contributes substantial public benefit, and does not place an undue burden on public services 


What could be built?

illustrative images | Potential future uses

Potential Land Uses

​The property owner envisions a vibrant, horizontally mixed-use area with residential and commercial uses connected by pedestrian-oriented facilities and amenities. An economic analysis of the site/market conditions indicates:

  • Intensifying the retail or office uses by themselves would not likely be feasible.

  • Multifamily residential is likely the only economically viable multistory development option. 

  • The site could support both a horizontal and vertical mix of residential and commercial uses. In vertically mixed-use buildings, retail and/or office would likely be on the ground floor and residential would be on upper floors.

  • Residential may want to be along PCH to capitalize on ocean views.

  • Retail, which already functions with limited street visibility, could be viable on any part of the area. 

Let us know
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Do you agree with the decision to retain the current General Plan Land Use of Community Commercial/Vehicle?
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