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General plan



What is the GPAC?

The purpose of the General Plan Advisory Committee is to establish a public forum for the Land Use and Circulation Elements and create ambassadors who help encourage participation from others in the community. The GPAC will be charged to review and provide recommendations to City Staff, the consultant team, and the City Council. Below is more specific information on what the Dana Point GPAC is, including its roles and responsibilities, how it functions, and what it is not.


Upcoming Meetings

The GPAC is structured to meet a minimum of five times during the General Plan update process, with meetings held periodically throughout 2024. Meetings will begin at 6:00 PM and are expected to last 2-3 hours. Meetings will take place at the Dana Point Community Center. All meetings will be in person and will not be recorded. Action minutes will be prepared, as required for public meetings.

Meeting 2.png

GPAC Meeting #2

February 27, 2024

Anticipated Topics: Review existing conditions on land use and vehicular circulation • Explore opportunities and constraints for reinvestment and focused changes for opportunity sites and the roadway network

Meeting 3.png

GPAC Meeting #3

March 26, 2024

Anticipated Topics: Review additional details and analysis of potential changes for opportunity sites • Discuss potential changes and improvements for bicycle and pedestrian networks • Make recommendations of opportunity sites and priorities

Meeting 4.png

GPAC Meeting #4

June 25, 2024

Anticipated Topics: Review draft plans, goals, and buildout conditions • Make recommendations on draft land use concepts

Meeting 5.png

GPAC Meeting #5

August 27, 2024

Anticipated Topic: Review preliminary draft GP content: goals, policies, strategies, and implementation measures

Past Meetings

Information and materials from past GPAC Meetings

Meeting 1.png

GPAC Meeting #1

January 23, 2024

Click here for agenda: Introduction of the GPAC (role, rules, responsibilities) • Review of Phase 1 and Overview of Phase II GPU • Preliminary identification and discussion of potential areas of change

Meeting 1 Powerpoint

Outreach Schedule

City of Dana Point Economic and Market Profile

Potential Areas of Change StoryMap

What the GPAC does...
  • Conveys the community’s perspective

  • Identifies critical issues and relevant information

  • Identifies and suggests resolutions to potential conflicts

  • Expands public awareness and participation

  • Considers ideas and reviews material

  • Suggests policy consistent with the Vision

  • Seeks community benefit

  • Makes recommendations for decision makers

  • Provides a public forum for other members of the public

What the GPAC is not...
  • A replacement for either the City Council or Planning Commission.

  • A decision-making body, except as it may offer advice and recommendations to City Staff and the consultant team.

  • A place to discuss projects currently under consideration, except as they may relate in broad strokes to future general plan land use direction and policy.

  • A forum for political position taking.

  • A substitute for the public hearing process required by law.

GPAC Membership

Jamey Federico
City Council, Mayor
Matt Pagano (Alternate)
City Council, Mayor Pro Tem
Eric Nelson
Planning Commissioner
Jennifer Rosales
Traffic Improvement Subcommittee
John Hatch (Alternate)
Traffic Improvement Subcommittee
Jim Cobb
District 1, resident
Larry White
District 2, resident
Zach Mikelson
District 3, resident
David Buskirk
District 4, resident
Diana Mitchell
District 5, resident
Jason Spates
Chamber/Business Representative
Laura Smith-Hatch
Arts and Culture Representative
Sarah Baqai
Youth Board Member
Naomi Hawkes (Alternate)
Youth Board Member
Theresa Morrison
At-large community member
Steven Carpenter
At-large community member
Catrina Crawford
At-large community member
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